08 November 2009

B & M REVIEW: Davidus Cigars - Annapolis

The forces of good have established another toe-hold deep inside enemy territory!  Last night I attended the grand opening of the Castro brothers' newest shop in their Davidus Cigars chain located at 2134 Generals Highway in Annapolis.  Annapolis is the Maryland state capital and, I'm proud to say, home of the United States Naval Academy.  Unfortunately, it is also a bastion of the smoking-nazis who relentlessly attempt to destroy our Constitutional Rights, so they must have hated to issue the business license.

The event was enjoyable and catered with hearty Italian food, so if anyone left hungry it was their own fault.  That's the problem with Italian food, two or three days later you're hungry again...  The shop is spacious and offers a nice selection of humidors, lighters, pipes, tobaccos, and other accessories in the retail area.  The walk-in humidor (or should I say the walk around in humidor) was one of the larger ones I've seen and well stocked.  There was a very good selection overall which included many of the super-premium cigars from some of the best makers in the business.  The shop also boasts a large Diamond Crown Lounge, sponsored by - you guessed it - Diamond Crown Cigars.  The lounge was very roomy with several big leather chairs, two flat screen TVs, free wi-fi, a pool table, and an attached cigar locker room with 72 lockers for rent.  One of the things I liked about the lounge was that it seemed both conducive to friendly conversation and private relaxation at the same time.  All of the interior walls are glass, which adds to the spacious feeling and lets you see all the goings on.  The staff was pleasant and helpful and includes my good friend, Mr. John Vanore CRT, so kudos to the Castro brothers for recognizing the importance and value of hiring a Tobacconist University certified expert.

If you are a local or happen to find yourself in the Annapolis area, stop in, relax, and enjoy a good smoke.  Support your local premium brick & mortar Tobacconist!  Best wishes for success to the new shop.

Davidus Cigars Ltd. - Annapolis
2134 Generals Highway
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

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