28 September 2009

BEER REVIEW: Clipper City - Prosit Imperial Octoberfest Lager

The next in Clipper City's Mutiny Fleet is their Prosit - Imperial Octoberfest Lager. They describe it as being a "malt focused Marzen style" and call it the "burly big brother" to their Marz-Hon. Yes it is a play on words and you sort of have to be from around here to get it so you can contact me if you are that curious about it.

Prosit is made with three kinds of hops and five kinds of malts, including Vienna and Munich, and is 9% ABV / 20 IBU. It poured with a pretty amber color, a nice malty aroma, and not much of a head. The first taste revealed a sweet malty flavor to go along with the aroma, and surprisingly a nice hoppy bite in contrast. It had a creamy overall mouthfeel complimented by a pleasant tingle around the tongue. As it drank it began to reveal the slightest citrus flavor and didn't leave much lace behind.

This was a good, flavorful beer with nice balance. It was consistent with the Marzen style but had a nice twist of its own added by the folks at Clipper City. I recommend it but you better move fast because the Mutiny Fleet is a limited release.

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