31 May 2009

BEER REVIEW: Dogfish Head - World-Wide Stout

Wow, clear the decks for action with this one. It is very strong, very complex, and dare I say - unique. Aside from being 18% ABV / 70 IBU (that's right I said 18% ABV so be prepared for a buzz), it is brewed with a very large amount of barley. Credit goes to Dogfish Head for continually pushing the limits. They originally released this one in 1999 but I first had it at a tasting event in 2009. It is very complex in aroma and taste with a very distinct roasted character, so much so that while this may sound funny to some, my first perception of its aroma was that it reminded me of smoked bacon.

Be advised, this beer is not for the faint of heart or casual connoisseur, the flavor is bold and there is a lot going on in there. Some people even find it a little difficult to finish a whole bottle, even though it is only a 12 ounce size. Dogfish describes it as being like a Port and recommends enjoying it from a snifter; I wouldn't really compare it to Port though as they tend to be on the sweeter side and that is not how I would describe this brew. Due to the high ABV you are going to pay a relatively high price per bottle but if you consider yourself a real connoisseur of the dark side, or just want to try something really different, give it a go.

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